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We offer to take Vehicles for rent the most favorable conditions in Minsk. Car hire in our company is carried out for a period of at least 1 day.
The time starts with the signing of the reception and transmission of the vehicle.
For Economy Car sufficient minimum driving experience for cars costing more than $ 70 (at the rate of NB. RB), the driving experience is required at least 2 years
All vehicles are insured under the policy of Hull, in an accident you must notify us and cause traffic police.

Rates for rental cars include

  • cost of car rental
  • insurance against theft, accidents and damage to third parties.
  • daily mileage of 350 km. For every subsequent 350 km - a surcharge of $ 10 (at the rate NB.RB)

Rental fees do not include

  • the cost of fuel and washer
  • parking fees
  • payment of fines for traffic violations
  • washing and cleaning the car interior
  • punctures and damaged tires and rims
  • Damage to the car interior

Terms of payment of rent

Renting a car is fully paid in cash or by bank transfer upon signing the contract.
In premature return of car we return payment for any unused full day rental.

Deposit for rent

  • for car rental economy and the middle class (worth up to $ 70) a pledge of $ 50 (at the rate of NB. RB)
  • p.s. for the citizens of Belarus with experience of driving up to 2 years minimum deposit is $ 100 (the rate of NB. RB)
  • for car rental premium bail from $ 100 to $ 300 (the rate of NB. RB)
  • for renting a car to travel outside the Republic of Belarus from $ 200 (at the rate NB.RB.)
  • for non-residents RB bail ranging from $ 100 to $ 300 (at the rate NB.RB.), depending on the vehicle and your driving experience.

Other terms of the lease car

  • not to leave the car in the documents from him the keys, the front panel of the radio and other items and devices that can trigger hacking to steal
  • close car before leaving
  • do not leave the car in places where parking is prohibited
  • do not drive a car if you feel unwell, drugs or alcohol
  • used cars only within the RB or prearranged countries
  • not transfer control individuals do not fit into a lease car
  • with car theft to notify us immediately by phone

Delivery (transfer)

We carry out service delivery / return of the car out of the office:

  • within the Moscow Ring Road during business hours & ndash; from $ 10 to $ 20 (at the rate of NB. RB)
  • supply the airport during business hours & ndash; $ 30; $ 50 back and forth (the rate of NB. RB)
  • delivery of the car after hours is also possible, the price is negotiated separately

Documents required to rent cars to citizens of Belarus

  • passport
  • driver's license + ticket offenses, if necessary, honey. inquiries
  • In some cases, we may require additional documents

Citizens of the Russian Federation and other countries

  • passport
  • international driver's license sample
  • In some cases, we may require additional documents

legal entities

  • a copy of the certificate of registration jur. person
  • Company details, including the name and title of the head
  • driver's license card + ticket tal